June 2017


9 Mother Theresa’s first one to put Kira back in the Eyes of God (8)
10 Ken Barlow and boy from “Only fools and horses” on a peninsula (10)
11 Witch conjures up a wicked dessert (3,5)
12 I’m in one going over board with perfect style (10)
13 Using map-reading skills, I enter region in an unorthodox manner (12)
15 Reaches destination with modified toast (4,2)
16 Picasso, for example, might take sugar? (6)
18 Drain pipe (7)
20 Could one be me? (4)
21 Well-thumbed, like a best friend (3-5)
22 Marge: “I do work with graphic character!” (8)
26 Fight for a piece of wood (4)
29 Steel girl, say, for a state of bliss (7)
30 Miscellaneous way to prepare tomatoes? (6)
31 China’s location of minor weather event (6)
32 No one about Ninety-Mile beach, say, can be easily heard (5,2,5)
34 Mock serenade: name it what’s on a camel’s back (10)
35 How a church mouse might manage financially (6,2)
36 Turncoat turned and ate, as Doctor Who does occasionally (10)
37 Did F.D.R. give out more than one fresh hand of cards? (3,5)
1 Beached, as person in charge of a stadium did (3,7)
2 Tea, love? Jeeves regularly imbibed (10)
3 English and French quarters (6)
4 What do you call a girl with a frog on her head? (4)
5 Berlin composer and Washington writer (6)
6 Astride buxom savage, one may use either hand (12)
7 Characters from here sprint, and emerge one behind the other (2,6)
8 French Maya with a poor, jaundiced eye (8)
10 Break ice, add cover before he’s content to leave Irish social gatherings (8)
14 Say I put on glasses (7)
17 What Severus Snape, for example, does to a hobbyist (12)
19 Increase enlistment as a result of hot air? (7)
23 Call head of the Circus Gang? (10)
24 Top drawer party after spirit knocked back by bar (6,4)
25 Fruit I supplied to folk losing a form of O.E. (3,5)
27 Perhaps I’d please 9 with a different name (8)
28 Named again, as faulty products may be? (8)
32 This cat might like a catamite? (6)
33 Brave women? (6)
35 Air extracted from poison gas (4)

PDF version … verve201706

June 2017

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